Basic health insurance to be expanded again in 2018

The basic health insurance package is to be expanded again in 2018. No treatments will be withdrawn from the package, but a treatment will be added. From 1 January 2018, patients with arthritis in hip or knee joints will receive the first twelve sessions of exercise therapy free of charge. Also from next year, patients undergoing immune therapy treatment for cancer will receive an allowance towards transport to and from treatment sessions.

These measures are set out in an order proposed by State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport, Martijn van Rijn, which has been approved by the Cabinet. In June, the House of Representatives will discuss the proposed order before it finally becomes law.                                     

More treatments

In addition to the annual order amending the basic package with effect from 1 January, new medication and treatments are regularly added to the package throughout the year. Examples include the recent addition of new drugs for hepatitis C, as well as the provisional addition of a new treatment for congenital breast cancer and nerve stimulation for chronic intestinal blockage.