Press release: Task Force Thuisgeven

The Taskforce Thuisgeven (which means both ‘giving a house’ and ‘being there for someone’) will start on 1 July 2010, as ordered by the Minister of Justice and the Minister for Housing, Communities and Integration. The Taskforce is led by chairman Ed Nijpels and aims to reduce the waiting lists in the asylum seekers’ centres in the year to come. Currently, 5,100 asylum seekers who are in the possession of a residence permit are staying in Dutch asylum seekers' centres.

The route from reception to full participation in society is not yet as smooth as it should be. The process is held up in several places: in the reception centre, at the entry into the municipality and at finding suitable employment. The supervising authorities also face a new challenge because of the introduction of new legislation. All the more reason to take a close look at the current process and improve it where necessary. The aim is to offer all residence permit holders a home of their own and the possibility of participating fully in society in a shorter period of time.

The Taskforce Thuisgeven will make every effort to eliminate the waiting lists in asylum seekers’ centres within one year and to establish a smooth process, enabling all residence permit holders to start their civic integration procedure within three months and to participate in Dutch society within six months.

Ed Nijpels: “It is a difficult job we face, but I have every confidence that we will be successful.”

A previous Task Force, also led by Ed Nijpels, that was successfully engaged in housing persons who came under the General Amnesty, showed that it can make a difference if parties are highly motivated and willing to cooperate.

The Task Force Thuisgeven is independent, pragmatic, committed, equipped with the right knowledge and locally present.