Human Rights Tulip 2020

The Government of the Netherlands is honoured to announce the shortlist of the nominees of the Human Rights Tulip 2020. The Dutch government awards this annual prize to courageous individuals or organisations around the world that seek to promote human rights in an innovative way.

The prize is meant to support human rights defenders and organisations, boost the visibility of their work and inspire others. The prize includes a monetary award of €100,000, to help the winner broaden the scope of his or her work and benefit a greater number of people in as many places as possible.

Nomination process

After two nomination periods in March and June of 2020, the total number of nominations came to 100. In terms of geographical diversity:

  • 29 nominations from Asia,
  • 11 from Europe,
  • 10 from the MENA-region,
  • 1 from the Pacific,
  • 34 from Sub-Saharan Africa 
  • 5 nominations from the Americas

Out of these, there were 47 individuals (26 female and 21 male) and 53 organisations.

The most frequently mentioned human rights priorities of the Ministry of Foreign affairs were:

  • women’s rights and gender equality;
  • right to freedom of expression and opinion;
  • equal rights for LGBTI people.

All nominations have been assessed by an independent expert panel based on selection criteria.

The 2020 expert panel consisted of Madi Jobarteh, Debbie Stothard, Fons Coomans, Mary Jane N. Real, and Sandra Petersen. 

This year’s nominees

This year’s 13 nominees are:

  1. Lilit Martirosyan (Europe),
  2. The Belarus Helsinki Committee (Europe),
  3. Human Rights Centre ZMINA (Europe),
  4. Victor Domingo Zambrano Gonzales (Latin America),
  5. Georgina Orellano (Latin America),
  6. Carlos Fernando Charmorro Barrios (Latin America), 
  7. Francisco José de Roux Rengifo (Latin America),
  8. zk´at Red de Sanadoras del Feminismo Comunitario Territorial (Latin America),
  9. Parveena Ahangar (Asia),
  10. Quanzhang Wang and Wenzu Li (Asia),
  11. the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms (Middle East and North Africa),
  12. the Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (Middle East and North Africa),
  13. the Sudanese Professionals Association (Sub-Saharan Africa).

The Government of the Netherlands would like to congratulate all the nominees with their nomination

Next steps

An independent jury of human rights experts will decide on a shortlist of three candidates. The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs will subsequently select the winner from this shortlist. On the 10th of December, on the international day of human rights, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will announce the winner from the top three and award the Human Rights Tulip during an award ceremony.

Past winners

Read more about past winners of the Human Rights Tulip.