Rosenthal receives Syrian opposition leader

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal met with Syrian human rights lawyer and opposition leader Haitham al-Maleh at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the situation in Syria.

The minister also conveyed his sympathy to the Syrian people. ‘The Syrian regime’s use of violence against protesters is unacceptable and must stop,’ Mr Rosenthal said. ‘By persisting in using force in this way, President al-Assad is making it increasingly unlikely that he will play a role in the new Syria.’

A leading figure in the human rights movement in Syria, Mr al-Maleh served long sentences in Syrian prisons. In 2006 he was awarded the Dutch Geuzen Medal for his work. The Geuzen Medal is a tribute to individuals or institutions that have, in some special way, devoted themselves to fighting for human rights or against dictatorship, discrimination and racism.