Rosenthal meets with Syrian opposition leader

Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal has met with Burhan Ghalioun, the leader of the Syrian National Council, one of the largest opposition groups in Syria.

Mr Rosenthal praised the courage of the Syrian demonstrators and expressed concern about the ongoing violence. ‘It’s time for this to stop: Assad must step down and make way for a democratic Syria.’

The minister assured Mr Ghalioun that the Netherlands would continue to turn up the pressure on the Syrian regime. The Netherlands is pushing for EU sanctions and a resolution from the UN Security Council.

Mr Rosenthal called upon Mr Ghalioun and other opposition leaders to form a united, representative and inclusive opposition movement. ‘The new Syria must respect the rights of all Syrians.’ The minister also drew attention to the situation of ethnic and religious minorities in Syria and underscored the major role of women in transition processes.