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Timmermans stresses importance of rule of law and media freedom in Macedonia

Timmermans rule of law media freedom Macedonia

News item | 08-10-2013 | 15:27

Minister Timmermans opens first ministerial meeting on LGBT rights at the UN

Today, in the margins of the UN General Assembly, foreign minister Frans Timmermans opened a ministerial meeting on equal rights ...

News item | 30-09-2013 | 10:11

Ploumen meets with women’s rights activists from Arab region

The Netherlands is helping women in North Africa and the Middle East to make themselves heard and exert influence in politics, ...

News item | 20-09-2013 | 10:59

Ministry of Foreign Affairs faces far-reaching budget cuts

In the coming years the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will face far-reaching cuts, with its budget to be reduced by a quarter by ...

News item | 17-09-2013 | 14:43

Special scheme for widows of victims of executions in the Dutch East Indies

Claims by widows of victims of summary executions in the former Dutch East Indies will be assessed equally in equal circumstances ...

News item | 30-08-2013 | 15:45

Human rights an important issue for the World Bank

The Netherlands is troubled by criticism that the World Bank does not do enough to protect human rights in the projects it ...

News item | 25-07-2013 | 17:02

Ploumen urges DR Congo PM to protect women in camps

Rape and sexual violence are all too common in the camps for displaced persons near Goma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ...

News item | 19-07-2013 | 16:53

The Netherlands supports Tunisia’s transition

The Netherlands will continue to support the transition in Tunisia. Foreign minister Frans Timmermans confirmed this to his ...

News item | 18-06-2013 | 16:11

Ploumen: tackling child labour with aid, trade and human rights

‘Child labour is a grave violation of human rights. We can tackle it effectively with the right combination of aid and trade. ...

News item | 13-06-2013 | 17:27

Minister shocked by anti-gay demonstration in Georgia

Foreign minister Frans Timmermans has expressed shock at the mayhem that ensued at a gay rights demonstration in Georgia today. A ...

News item | 17-05-2013 | 17:23