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Rosenthal visits Syrian refugees

In southern Turkey foreign minister Uri Rosenthal visited Kilis refugee camp, situated on the border with Syria, where he spoke ...

News item | 07-09-2012 | 11:31

Rosenthal summons Eritrean chargé d’affaires

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal has summoned the Eritrean chargé d’affaires ad interim to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has ...

News item | 17-08-2012 | 13:24

Rosenthal summons Belarusian ambassador

Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal has summoned the Belarusian ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to convey the ...

News item | 15-08-2012 | 12:51

Syrian ambassador ‘persona non grata’

The Netherlands has declared the Syrian ambassador ‘persona non grata’. This is a very serious diplomatic measure – he is no ...

News item | 29-05-2012 | 00:00

Ukraine must guarantee gay rights

Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal finds it regrettable that Gay Pride in Kiev has been cancelled because of threats to ...

News item | 22-05-2012 | 16:18

The Netherlands supports Justine Masika’s work

The work of human rights defender Justine Masika Bihamba and her organisation is vital to women and their families in the ...

News item | 21-05-2012 | 14:19

Rosenthal: EU dialogue with Suriname is a step forward

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal sees the European Union’s decision to initiate soon a dialogue with Suriname under Article 8 of ...

News item | 04-05-2012 | 17:06

Rule of law in Ukraine urgently needs improving

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal today announced that if there are no visible improvements to the rule of law in Ukraine in the ...

News item | 02-05-2012 | 18:07

Minister Rosenthal talks to religious leaders

Today foreign minister Uri Rosenthal met with a group of religious leaders. He expressed his concern about the recent violence ...

News item | 12-04-2012 | 16:05

Execution in Belarus is unacceptable

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal has condemned the execution of Vladislav Kovalyov in Belarus. Mr Kovalyov had been convicted with ...

News item | 19-03-2012 | 10:07