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Koenders calls LRA commander’s arrival at the ICC ‘a step forwards in battle against impunity’

‘The arrival of Dominic Ongwen, a senior commander in the Lord’s Resistance Army, in The Hague to be tried at the International ...

News item | 21-01-2015 | 17:43

Koenders condemns execution of Dutch national in Indonesia

‘The Netherlands condemns the execution of Mr Ang in Indonesia. It is tragic that he and five others have been executed. My ...

News item | 17-01-2015 | 21:48

Koenders condemns flogging of Saudi blogger

Foreign minister Bert Koenders has asked the government of Saudi Arabia not to enforce the sentence imposed on Saudi blogger Raif ...

News item | 12-01-2015 | 11:19

2014 Human Rights Tulip for Mideast Youth

This year’s recipient of the Human Right Tulip is Mideast Youth. The Human Rights Tulip is an annual prize awarded by the ...

News item | 09-12-2014 | 12:29

Koenders praises Mideast Youth as paragon of innovative human rights work

‘Mideast Youth is not an organisation that opts for short-sighted quick fixes. It is innovative, a frontrunner in the digital ...

News item | 09-12-2014 | 09:33

‘Eliminate violence against women’ say Koenders and Ebadi

On Tuesday, foreign minister Bert Koenders met Iranian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi. The meeting coincided with the ...

News item | 25-11-2014 | 15:31

Koenders: impunity for murderers of journalists must end

All too often those who assault or murder journalists escape punishment. On Sunday, foreign minister Bert Koenders said, ‘The ...

News item | 03-11-2014 | 17:11

Government extremely concerned for Asia Bibi’s fate

In response to parliamentary questions, foreign minister Bert Koenders has let it be known that the government regrets the ...

News item | 03-11-2014 | 13:13

Final six candidates for Human Rights Tulip announced

The final six candidates for the Human Rights Tulip 2014 have been announced. The jury, headed by former UN Special Rapporteur on ...

News item | 22-10-2014 | 09:29

Netherlands elected to UN Human Rights Council

The Kingdom of the Netherlands was today elected to the Human Rights Council for the 2015-2017 period by the UN General Assembly. ...

News item | 21-10-2014 | 18:25