Help from the Netherlands

The Netherlands is providing assistance to help the islands deal with the consequences of the storm. 

At the moment there are several large transport aircraft with additional auxiliaries on their way to Curacao.

  • The aids include water, rations and defense materials.
  • There are 120 soldiers flown in addition to the soldiers already present.
  • The primary task is to provide assistance and to provide security.
  • Both the Marechaussee and the Marines conduct patrols on St. Maarten.
  • The work continues until Jose's arrival. Depending on the route of the storm and the intensity, measures will also be taken to ensure that assistance can also be continued thereafter.
  • The Red Cross has opened aidnumber 5125 and the National Disaster Fund has made 2 million euros available for reconstruction.
  • The National Disaster Fund has made €2 million available for reconstruction.
  • See News and Questions & Answers for more information on the assistance being provided by the Netherlands.