Can I be evacuated?

Everyone in need of urgent medical care – for instance patients on dialysis or who had just undergone surgery - has now been evacuated from St Maarten.

Badly affected family members of Dutch emergency workers and deployed military personnel have also been evacuated, so that the latter can concentrate fully on their vital work.

All travellers should go to Princess Juliana Airport St Maarten and report to the local authorities. They will arrange for you to be flown to Curaçao. On arrival there you will be met by KLM staff.

  • If you were already in possession of a KLM ticket, you will be rescheduled at no extra charge on a flight from Curaçao to Amsterdam.
  • If you did not have a KLM ticket to Amsterdam you will be able to book a one-way ticket at a sharply reduced price. You can book your flight via the website, with a travel agent or at the KLM Contact Center in St Maarten (tel. 0031 20 206 8253) or Curaçao (tel. 0031 20 474 7745). Make sure that you have valid travel documents for your flight.

Extra flight Curaçao-Amsterdam

At 22.50 (local time) on Monday 18 September, flight KL738 will depart from Curaçao with destination Amsterdam (arrival time 08.05 CET on 19 September). This extra flight has been scheduled to bring stranded tourists back to the Netherlands.

How and where can I register to be evacuated from St Maarten?

The Immigration Service on St Maarten, working with the Royal Military and Border Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee), has set up an evacuation registration point at Princess Juliana Airport St Maarten. You can go there to register for evacuation. Take your identity documents with you.

Follow these instructions from the Royal Military and Border Police:

  • Take your identity documents with you;
  • Take your ticket details if you have them;
  • Go to Princess Juliana Airport;
  • Join the queue.

At present there is no schedule or overview of flights, so you will have to wait and see. 

Is it true that families have been evicted from the Divi Resort on St Maarten in order to accommodate military personnel?

The owner of the Divi Resort offered to accommodate military personnel. Given the issues surrounding accommodation, this offer was greatly appreciated. However, it was agreed in advance that this should in no way lead to people who are staying in the resort – and have lost everything – being evicted. This is exactly the opposite of why the military personnel are there. Their role is to support the population and offer emergency assistance. The military command in St Maarten contacted the resort’s management to stress this. The management themselves have released a statement confirming that nobody has been evicted either by military personnel or in order to make space for them.

After I’ve been evacuated from St Maarten to Curaçao, can I fly back to the Netherlands?

The Ministry of Defence will make sure that any military planes flying back to the Netherlands take as many passengers as possible, but capacity is very limited. So you are advised not to count on getting a place on such flights, but to arrange your own transport. You can book a ticket from Curaçao to the Netherlands via the normal commercial airlines. KLM has announced that it will be scheduling extra flights.

Can my pet be evacuated with me from St Maarten to Curaçao?

Places on flights are limited. People have priority. Find someone on St Maarten who can look after your pet. There are some exceptions. There is very limited scope for very small pets that can’t be looked after on St Maarten to be evacuated with their owners. Assistance dogs can always be evacuated with their owners.