Compulsory identification at the workplace

Everyone aged 14 and over in the Netherlands must show valid proof of identity if asked to do so by the police or other law enforcement officials. Compulsory identification in relation to employment covers a number of different obligations for employers and employees.

When starting a new job

When starting a new job, you are obliged to show your employer a valid, original identity document. Your employer must make a copy of the document.

Dutch or European driving licences are not considered as valid proof of identity for people starting a new job. This is because they do not specify nationality or include any information with regard to residency status.

In other situations, for example at the place of work (except in the situation described above), a driving licence is accepted as proof of identity.

Other obligations

As well as showing proof of identity, you have a number of other obligations. For example, you have to give your employer your tax and social security number (sofi) or citizen service number (BSN) and complete an income tax declaration.