Government opts for less registration of gender

The Cabinet ensures that gender registration and the use of it on documents and cards will be further reduced. Research has shown that gender registration and the use of this fact still takes place in more fields than is necessary. Acting on a proposal from Minister Van der Steur of Security and Justice and Minister Bussemaker of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministerial Council has agreed to sending a letter about this to Parliament.

In practice, this, among other things, means the following:
-    As of 1 January 2017, gender will no longer be displayed on new OV chip cards. This applies to both the 'student OV' as well as the business OV chip cards (Mobilitymixx).
-    The Minister of Education, Culture and Science has spoken with large school network organisations about the use of gender indication. More and more institutions will omit this on student cards and in their communication with their students.
-    More and more municipalities will communicate with their residents in a gender-neutral tone, for example by only showing the initials and the surname of the consignee on the polling card and by omitting gender-selection options in as many forms as possible.
The Cabinet feels that the Netherlands is responsive to the issues of certain groups connected with the registration of gender. It will continue to promote the activities that lead to more awareness of this issue.