More foreign nationals depart independently from the Netherlands

The number of foreign nationals that  left the Netherlands independently in 2015 has gone up by 10% which is a slight increase if compared to 2014. In addition, there is a strong shift from forced departures to independent departures. This development is in line with government policy for foreign nationals; the government supports and stimulates foreign nationals who must leave the Netherlands to leave on their own account.
The Government Report on Asylum and Immigration Matters 2015 by the Minister of Migration Dijkhoff states the same and the Council of Ministers has approved the report.  The Report provides an overview of the main lines of the results of the asylum and immigration matters over the period from January to December 2015.

An Increased influx of asylum seekers

In 2015 the total influx of asylum seekers increased to 58,880, compared to 29,890 in 2014. This increase was a result of an increase of first applicants as well the migrants seeking family reunification, particularly from Syria. Migrants seeking family reunification are family members of asylum seekers who have been granted a residence permit. The significant increase in the number of asylum seekers makes heavy demands on all the partners in asylum and immigration matters, such as municipalities, provinces and educational institutions. The government nevertheless managed to find shelter for all of of the asylum seekers who entered the Netherlands.

An increase in highly skilled migrants and migrants aiming to study.

An increased number of migrants the Netherlands needs such as highly skilled migrants, labour and migrants aiming to study were given a residence permit in 2015;  on 31 December 2015, the number came to 4,640. This increase of 12% in comparison with 2014 is in line with government policy.  By making the admission procedures flexible, the government aims to strengthen the quality of the working polulation and to make the Netherlanlands an attractive business base for foreign investors.