Filipino migrants can stay longer

Filipino au pairs and other Filipino migrants in the Netherlands do not have to return to their home country if they are from the area that was hit by the typhoon Haiyan. They can stay in the Netherlands until 1 March 2014, also if their residence permit has expired.

State Secretary Teeven has decided this in connection with the exceptional circumstances in the Philippines after the natural disaster. The state secretary wants to allow Filipinos, who would have to leave in the coming months because their residence entitlement expires, a little bit more time in the Netherlands Filipinos who wish to be eligible under this regulation, can submit a written request to the IND.

It is not clear exactly how many Filipinos are from the area that was hit. It is a fact that especially Filipino au pairs in the Netherlands may benefit from the regulation. They normally have to return after one year. A residence permit extension as part of an exchange is not possible for them.

Each month, the residence right of ten to twenty Filipino au pairs in the Netherlands expires. They can now stay a little bit longer if they are from the disaster area and do not want to go back yet under the circumstances. They have to provide for their own accommodation and for themselves in that case. Any change of address has to be reported to the IND.