Culture, sport and development cooperation

In the post-MDG 2015 development agenda the Netherlands is focusing on food security, access to water and sanitation, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and security and the rule of law. Culture and sport can help achieve these objectives.

Culture for development

The Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development supports artists and cultural organisations in countries where human rights are undermined. The Fund receives financial support from the government. Embassies in our partner countries Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya, Mali, the Palestinian Territories, South Africa and Suriname also use culture as a means of supporting our development objectives.

Sport for development

The government also supports the Sport for Development programme 2012-2015, a partnership between the International Sports Alliance (ISA), the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) world coaches and the Right To Play organisation. These institutions have been promoting sport for development for some time. Projects associated with this programme aim to:

  • strengthen the infrastructure of sport and local networks;
  • encourage participation of vulnerable groups in society;
  • improve the position of children and young people.

The programme focuses on Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Egypt, Suriname, South Africa, Indonesia and the Palestinian Territories, working with local organisations, local and international NGOs, sports federations and Dutch embassies.

Ambassador for International Cultural Cooperation

There has been an Ambassador for International Cultural Cooperation since 1980. The current Ambassador, Renilde Steeghs, has held the position since July 2012.