Rosenthal: Transatlantic ties as relevant as ever

The transatlantic bond is as important as ever to the Netherlands and essential to global stability. This was the key message that foreign minister Uri Rosenthal conveyed in his introductory address at the election debate on 28 August hosted by the Netherlands Atlantic Association, founded 60 years ago this year.

The balance of economic and political power in the world is shifting. Demand for energy and natural resources is growing. The euro crisis is unprecedented in its scope and intensity. And revolution is sweeping the Arab world.

Rosenthal: ‘Amid these changes the United States is and will remain a dominant world power. A close relationship with the United States is vital to our efforts to promote the values and interests we share.’

In this context, partners like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Japan, Israel and South Korea are also important to the Netherlands, said Rosenthal. ‘We must stand up together for the values and interests we share, especially given the emergence of powers like China and Russia.’