Agreement with Vietnam opens the door for the Dutch business community

The Netherlands and Vietnam are looking to cooperate in dredging activities in the rivers, coastal areas and irrigation canals in Vietnam. Minister Schultz (Infrastructure & the Environment) today signed an agreement in this regard with her two Vietnamese fellow ministers. “The agreement to collaborate more intensively opens the door for the Dutch business community which has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of dredging. This offers us opportunities which we should take advantage of,” according to Minister Schultz.


There is a lot of dredging work to be done in Vietnam. In other places sand will be sprayed to protect the Mekong Delta and keep the ports accessible for shipping. This will contribute to the country’s economic development. The two countries will be sharing more knowledge and expertise after which Dutch dredging companies, for example, can present concrete projects. The Netherland has a preferred partnership with Vietnam in the field of climate change adaptation and water management. Among other things, this has already led to collaboration in combating the consequences of climate change and cooperation in the development of the Mekong Delta and the Ho Chi Minh City area. The agreements that were made today stem from this long lasting cooperation.

Vietnamese delegation visits the Netherlands

From 26 to 30 November, an official delegation led by the Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Huang Trung Hai is visiting the Netherlands. The delegation is accompanied by a trade delegation with representatives from eight companies. The main aim of the visit is to reaffirm and further strengthen economic ties between the two countries, particularly in the fields of water, transport and logistics, maritime affairs, oil and gas. Appointments have been made for the delegation to meet with Prime Minister Rutte, Minister Ploumen (Foreign Trade & Development Cooperation) and the mayors of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.  In addition, the delegation will pay visits to the port of Rotterdam, Shell and the IJsselmeer region.