Sanctions against Syria

The international community is alarmed by the escalation of violence in Syria. In order to exert pressure on the Syrian regime and to bring about an end to the violence, many countries have imposed sanctions against Syria.

The Friends of the Syrian People International Working Group on Sanctions, a coalition of like-minded countries, meets regularly to discuss sanctions against Syria and ways of getting more countries to join in them. Participants include around sixty countries from all continents. The European Union, the Leage of Arab States and the Syrian Economic Taskforce are also represented.

The Friends of the Syrian People believe that sanctions, as well as support for the opposition and humanitarian aid, are an important means of putting an end to the violence in Syria and getting the political process off the ground.

Countries that already have sanctions in place are constantly considering how they can be made even more effective. To make existing sanctions as effective as possible, ways are being sought of closing loopholes and improving cooperation between public authorities and the private sector. This includes compiling a list of government contact points in different countries where companies can obtain information.