The Netherlands supports Middle East peace process

In the peace process between the Israeli and Palestinian authorities, the Netherlands (like the European Union) favours a two-state solution, which would enable a secure Israel and an independent, democratic and viable Palestinian state to exist peacefully side by side.

Two-state solution in the Middle East

If efforts to secure a two-state solution are successful, Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organisation will have reached a definitive peace agreement. Unless the parties decide on other borders in their negotiations, the peace agreement would be based on the borders that existed before 4 June 1967 (i.e. before the Six-Day War). This means the future Palestinian state would consist of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

The security of both Israel and the future Palestinian state must be guaranteed. There will also need to be negotiations about the status of Jerusalem and the refugee issue.

The Netherlands regards the Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian Territories as illegal. They are in conflict with international law and pose a serious threat to the peace process.

The Netherlands has deep and good relationships with both Israel and the Palestinian Authority and wishes to deepen these ties even further. The Netherlands is working actively with both parties to improve the socioeconomic situation in the Palestinian Territories, and hopes to contribute to a definitive solution.