Koenders: deeply concerned by human rights situation in Yemen

Dutch Foreign Minister Mr Bert Koenders is deeply concerned by the human rights situation and violations of humanitarian law in Yemen. ‘There is bitter suffering in Yemen. Four out of five Yemenis need humanitarian assistance,' according to minister Koenders.

That is why the Netherlands has worked in the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and with contacts in New York for a clear resolution on Yemen which argues for an independent international inquiry. However this did not gain sufficient support from both countries in the region or from western countries.

Minister Koenders is disappointed by the lack of support in the council. 'The situation in Yemen demands our urgent attention. We cannot allow the daily reports of human rights violations to go unanswered.' said minister Koenders.

The Netherlands has made its disappointment over the lack of support for a strong signal from the Council clear to the members of the Human Rights Council. The Netherlands hopes that the current resolution will be fulfilled in both letter and spirit, and will remain undaunted in its efforts to fulfil humanitarian needs and improve the human rights situation in Yemen. In this, the Netherlands is supported among others by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Yesterday minister Koenders took part in a ministerial meeting with countries in the region and European countries to come to a joint and speedy political solution to the conflict in Yemen. The Netherlands deems it of the utmost importance that peace negotiations in Yemen are continued. The efforts of UN special representative for Yemen, Mr Ismaël Ould Cheikh Ahmed, are crucial in this regard.

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