The Netherlands signs international treaty on the safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships

On 20 February 2019, at a meeting of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the Netherlands ratified the Hong Kong Convention. This Convention sets out agreements regarding the safe and environmentally sound scrapping and recycling of seagoing vessels. Out of the 172 IMO Member States, the Netherlands is one of the first nations to ratify this treaty.

The Convention has been established to improve working conditions for the people who carry out these hazardous jobs and to prevent pollution of the environment during scrapping. A sufficient number of signatories will ensure that ship owners and the shipping sector must observe the same regulations across the globe.

Under an EU Directive, Dutch shipyards and ship owners are already bound to strict regulations regarding scrapping and recycling. This Convention will procure worldwide entry into force for these regulations. This will benefit Dutch shipping companies, as it will improve their competitive position vis-à-vis countries that have not yet introduced such strict regulations.