Arrival of 2 more planes with MH17 victims

At around 16:00 on Thursday, 24 July, another 2 military planes will arrive back in the Netherlands with more remains of MH17 air crash victims. The bodies will be received with the same ceremony at Eindhoven airbase as on Wednesday. The next of kin can be present, if they so wish. The government will also be represented. All the bodies will be taken to Hilversum in a convoy of hearses under police escort.

Media representatives will be given the opportunity to record the arrival from the terminal building, at a greater distance than was the case today. It will also be possible to film the convoy as it leaves the airbase. The media will not be facilitated in the same way as today, when the 1st flight arrived.

If you wish to cover this event, you must apply for accreditation before 12:00 on Thursday, 24 July by sending an e-mail with your name and the medium you represent to

You must be able to show valid identification at Eindhoven airbase. Media representatives can report to Eindhoven airbase from 15:00 on Thursday 24 July.

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For more information contact:
Lodewijk Hekking, Ministry of Security and Justice, +31 (0)6 5281 5611
Major Karen Keissen, Eindhoven Airbase, +31 (0)6 5339 1063