Press statement by Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, head of mission

For the fifth day in a row, an international team of police officers and experts were able to carry out search and recovery work at the site where flight MH17 crashed 2 weeks ago.

As happened yesterday, it once again became clear that the crisis situation is a limiting factor for the experts' work. The plain fact is that there is active fighting in the area. Access to the crash site is never 100 percent certain. Even once the experts reach the area, the possibility of doing the necessary work without interruption also depends on the security situation.

The experts searched a large area near the village of Roszypne. The work had to be stopped temporarily due to negotiations being conducted by the OSCE. A smaller group of experts was able to work undisturbed for the rest of the afternoon. The search in this area is now completed.

A small number of personal belongings were found. These were recovered and taken to the base in Soledar. From there they will be transferred to Kharkiv, where they will undergo an initial forensic examination. No human remains were found today.

It would seem the local population and authorities have recovered many human remains themselves after the crash of flight MH17. This may explain why the experts have so far mainly found personal belongings.

Our mission cannot succeed without the support off the local and regional population and authorities. We are and remain very grateful for that.