Telephone conversation between Minister Hennis and her Ukrainian counterpart

Today, Minister of Defence Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert talked to her Ukrainian counterpart Valeriy Geletey about the security situation around the MH-17 crash site in Ukraine. Minister Hennis thanked him for his support to the international repatriation mission and appealed to the Ukrainian authorities to keep up this support to the best of their capabilities, so that the search at the crash site can be continued.

She stressed the top priority of recovering the human remains and personal effects of the victims, and, consequently, how important it is to have safe access to the disaster area. Military actions close to the disaster area could jeopardise the work of the search teams. Minister Hennis asked her colleague to do everything in his power to ensure safe access to the area as long as the international expert teams are present. Geletey said that he is doing – and will continue to do - everything within his ability to make this possible.

On behalf of the Dutch Government, Minister Hennis also thanked Minister Geletey for Ukraine's cooperation in making available the facilities in Solidar, where the repatriation mission has based itself earlier this week. She also expressed her appreciation for the sympathy shown by the local population in Solidar and for the help the repatriation mission received from them.