Total of 173 victims of MH17 air disaster now identified

It was announced today that a further 46 victims of the MH17 air disaster have been identified. Of these 46 victims, 26 were Dutch nationals and 20 were nationals of other countries. This brings the total number of victims of the disaster now identified to 173.

The next of kin of these victims have been informed. The mayors of the municipalities in which the victims lived will also be notified if, when consulted, the next of kin express a desire for this to be done. At the request of the relevant countries’ embassies, the nationalities of the identified victims who were not from the Netherlands has not been disclosed.

A team of specialists is currently hard at work on identifying victims of the disaster. However, as was previously stressed, it may take months before all the victims have been identified. The media will be provided with periodic updates on the progress made.