Human remains and personal belongings secured at the site of the MH17 disaster

Members of the Dutch repatriation mission for the victims of flight MH17 were able to secure human remains and personal belongings at the site of the disaster in Eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, under the direction of the local emergency response services SES and the OVSE. The finds were collected and are brought to Charkov by experts.

In Charkov experts will conduct initial forensic analyses of the human remains, and the remains will then be transported to the Netherlands. It is not yet known when this will take place. Naturally, the same ceremonial aspects will be observed for the repatriation of the human remains, as those that were observed during the previous repatriations. The personal belongings will be transferred to the surviving relatives after investigation in the Netherlands.

Firing was heard in the area surrounding the disaster site. The safety conditions in the area remain fragile. Return of the entire mission to the disaster site is therefore also not realistic. The members of the mission have since also left the disaster site. The mission continues to make all efforts to return to the disaster site. The safety condition changes constantly and the possibilities are reviewed once a day.