MH17 operation salvages remains close to the crash site

A small team of military and police personnel today visited the village of Grabovo near the crash site for the MH17 repatriation mission. Together with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and local emergency services, team members salvaged a small quantity of the victims' remains. They also took away personal belongings and some wreckage found by residents during the preceding period.

The team maintains good contacts with the Mayor of Grabovo. Team members talked to him on the ground about the situation. Unrest continues in the area of the crash site of flight MH17. If the security situation and weather conditions permit, the team will visit other villages in the vicinity of the crash site tomorrow, also under the leadership of the OSCE and local emergency services.

The remains are expected to arrive at the Eindhoven Airbase on Saturday, 7 February. The same ceremonial procedure will be observed as for previous returns.