MH17 team discusses situation around crash site

A small team consisting of Ministry of Defence and police personnel visited the mayors of Rozsypne and Petropavlivka in Ukraine today. Together with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and local emergency services they discussed the situation around the MH17 crash site.

There are still pieces of wreckage in the area that cannot be accessed by the members of the MH17 repatriation mission due to the security situation. The mayors agreed to arrange to have the pieces of wreckage retrieved and stored over the coming period. The material will then be collected by the team at a later date.

Soil analysis

At the ‘burned sites’ (fenced-off crash areas) the team took soil samples for further examination in the Netherlands. The results can be used by the members of the repatriation mission during their search for remains once the mission has been resumed. The search will resume once the ground is no longer frozen and the security situation allows it.

The Dutch team will take the materials it collected yesterday to Charkov tomorrow. This includes human remains, personal possessions and pieces of wreckage. The remains will be received at Eindhoven Air Base on Saturday following a ceremonial protocol.

Mission leader to Ukraine

Mission leader Pieter Jaap Aalbersberg will travel to Ukraine on Wednesday to talk about the aftermath of the plane crash with, amongst others, the national authorities and the Malaysian and Australian ambassadors. Subsequently Aalbersberg will visit Charkov to strengthen the ties with regional representatives.