Mortal remains from MH17 to Schiphol

A Dutch team is in the Ukraine for the first hand-over of mortal remains and personal belongings of MH17 victims found after 1 May 2015. The team of eight persons from Defence, the police and Foreign Affairs will also collect remains of the aircraft.

The presumed mortal remains and the material were found in the vicinity of the ‘burned site’ near Hrabove, where flight MH17 came down. The mayors of the surrounding districts collected everything and secured their safety over the past few months. This had also been agreed when the repatriation mission was wound up. Inhabitants of the villages around the disaster area can continue to hand in items at certain points.

The Dutch team is now supervising the proper hand-over of mortal remains, personal property and any available pieces of wreckage. The Dutch embassy in Kiev will take care of transport to Kharkiv. From Kharkiv these items will come to the Netherlands. The remains of the MH17 aircraft will be handed over to the Research Council for Security and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Changed ceremony

Since the identification process has been largely completed, the ceremonial formalities with which the mortal remains were to be received in the Netherlands have been changed. Staff from the National Forensic Investigation Team will bring the mortal remains on a scheduled flight to Schiphol. Here a formal moment of reflection will be held. Members of the Royal Netherlands Military Police will take care at Schiphol of an appropriate ceremonial reception. That will take place out of sight of the media. The families of the 2 victims who have not yet been identified have been invited to attend this ceremony.