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Mortal remains from MH17 to Schiphol

A Dutch team is in the Ukraine for the first hand-over of mortal remains and personal belongings of MH17 victims found after 1 ...

News item | 25-09-2015 | 17:07

Prime Minister Rutte’s response to veto of Security Council Resolution on MH17 tribunal

I am deeply disappointed that a UN tribunal will not be established to try those responsible for downing flight MH17. This veto ...

News item | 29-07-2015 | 23:32

Prime Minister Rutte spoke with President Putin about establishing a UN tribunal regarding the MH17 air disaster.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke with President Vladimir Putin this morning, once again drawing the Russian leader's attention to ...

News item | 29-07-2015 | 13:18

Koenders at Security Council for MH17 tribunal

Foreign minister Bert Koenders will be in New York on Tuesday and Wednesday for talks on establishing a UN tribunal to prosecute ...

News item | 28-07-2015 | 13:44

Remembrance ceremony for the victims of MH17

It is exactly a year since the MH17 air disaster that killed all 298 people on board, including 196 Dutch nationals. A ...

News item | 17-07-2015 | 15:45

Koenders has ‘serious talks’ with Lavrov

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bert Koenders, had intensive talks with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Moscow on ...

News item | 05-06-2015 | 22:18

MH17 repatriation mission ended

The MH17 repatriation mission, in its current form, has been concluded. OnSaturday, a Hercules transport aircraft of the Dutch ...

News item | 30-04-2015 | 13:09

Arrival of plane with mortal remains of MH17 victims

On Saturday 2 May at around 4.00 pm, a Dutch military transport plane carrying the mortal remains of victims of the MH17 air ...

News item | 30-04-2015 | 12:08

MH17 repatriation mission makes steady progress

Since resuming its tasks at the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine, the repatriation mission has been able to work without ...

News item | 23-04-2015 | 12:31

New recovery mission to MH17 crash site

Following a cabinet meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher has announced that the Netherlands will be deploying another ...

News item | 10-04-2015 | 16:04