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294 victims onboard flight MH17 identified

Another two of the victims of the MH17 plane crash were identified this week. One of them has Dutch nationality and one another ...

News item | 11-12-2014 | 14:01

Total of 292 victims of MH17 air disaster now identified

This week a further 3 victims of the MH17 air disaster have been identified. Of these 3 victims, 1 was a Dutch national and 2 ...

News item | 05-12-2014 | 14:18

Koenders thanks OSCE for efforts in MH17 aftermath

 Without the efforts of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the Netherlands would never have been ...

News item | 04-12-2014 | 12:04

Koenders presses for progress on reforms in Ukraine

Foreign minister Bert Koenders has called on the new Ukrainian government to make swift progress on reforms, now that it has been ...

News item | 03-12-2014 | 14:00

Arrival of plane carrying MH17 victims

On Friday 28 November at around 4.00 pm, a Dutch military transport plane carrying victims of the MH17 air disaster will arrive ...

News item | 26-11-2014 | 11:27

More remains and MH17 wreckage recovered

More wreckage from MH17 was salvaged from the crash site in eastern Ukraine today. Human remains were also found.

News item | 17-11-2014 | 16:31

OSCE brokers agreement on MH17 wreckage recovery

Following negotiations led by the OSCE, agreement was reached today on the recovery of parts of the MH17 wreckage. Wreckage ...

News item | 14-11-2014 | 15:17

The Netherlands remembers MH17 victims

The victims of the MH17 air disaster were remembered during the National Remembrance Ceremony held at the RAI in Amsterdam today. ...

News item | 10-11-2014 | 17:26

Koenders positive about Kharkiv mission’s efforts

Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders was in Kharkiv on Saturday to witness the departure of five coffins carrying the ...

News item | 08-11-2014 | 16:36

Prime Minister Rutte visits Malaysia and Australia

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has finished a three-day working visit to Malaysia and Australia. On Wednesday he met President Najib ...

News item | 07-11-2014 | 18:19