Maximum speed

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment wishes to increase the speed limit on as many motorways as possible in the years ahead.

In 2011 an experiment was conducted with a (dynamic) maximum speed of 130 km/h on eight routes. That experiment proved a success. Therefore, it is intended to increase the general speed limit on motorways in the Netherlands to 130 km/h as of 1 September 2012. Furthermore, as of 1 July 2012 it is intended to increase the speed limit back to 100 km/h on four of the five 80 km zones near the large cities.

Everywhere possible, the speed limit will go to 130 km/h. If 130 km/h is not possible the whole day, then via a dynamic speed limit for part of it. This applies for example to the biggest part of the A2 between Amsterdam and Den Bosch. The higher speed limit chimes better with the perception of the driver and results in considerable travel time benefits. On some stretches, a lower speed limit may apply; this is always for a reason: remaining within the boundary conditions for the environment or traffic safety.