Government endorses NS position on Fyra rail service

Speaking at a press conference after Friday's cabinet meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher said that the government saw no reason to differ from the position taken by NS, the Dutch railway operator, on the Fyra high-speed rail service.

The Minister for the Environment Wilma Mansveld had updated the cabinet on the situation concerning Fyra. NS has announced that it wishes to end the service. Ms Mansveld said that NS's decision had been carefully considered and that the government had therefore not come to a different opinion. 'It is a radical decision, but it is vital that rolling stock is safe and reliable,' Mr Asscher said.

NS has been given an opportunity to present an alternative proposal that meets the requirements of the franchise. An assessment will then be made as to whether it meets rail passenger requirements and is legally permissible. The financial consequences for taxpayers will also be looked at.