Paying tourist tax

Are you are staying overnight in a hotel, or going by boat to an island on the Dutch coast? These are situations where you may have to pay toeristenbelasting (tourist tax). This tax is included in the price of your hotel room, or in the price of your ticket for the boat ride. 

Last updated on 13 September 2022

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Tourist tax is already included in the price of the hotel room or tourist attraction

The decision whether or not to charge tourist tax is taken on a municipal level. Municipalities impose this tax on hotel owners, for example. Those owners then include the tax in the price of the hotel rooms.

Why is tourist tax charged?

Tourist tax is a financial contribution towards paying for municipal services because tourists also benefit from them, such as maintenance of roads, parks, squares and beaches.

Check tourist tax rate with the municipality

The amount of tourist tax is different in each municipality. To find out how much tourist tax is payable is in a municipality, please contact that municipality. 

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Gemeentewet, artikel 224

Lokale wet- en regelgeving

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