Candidates for the Civic Integration Examination Abroad can now purchase preparation assistance

As of 24 April 2013, candidates for the Civic Integration Examination Abroad will be able to purchase individual support for their exam preparation from the Agens human resources agency. The support is aimed at candidates – often people with limited experience of learning – who need extra help with the official self-study pack known as Naar Nederland (To the Netherlands).

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has commissioned Agens to develop individual support for those preparing for the Civic Integration Examination Abroad. Candidates will receive help from teachers in the Netherlands who speak their native language. The contact between the candidates and the teachers will take place over the internet, through Skype or Virtual Classroom, by phone or, if necessary, by post.
The Civic Integration Examination Abroad consists of a Knowledge of Dutch Society test, a Spoken Dutch test (level A1) and a Reading and Comprehension Skills test (level A1).
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