Joint Benelux declaration signed

At a summit in Brussels held on 13 February 2014, the prime ministers and social affairs ministers of the Benelux countries met to discuss measures to combat labour market abuses. They agree that underpayment and exploitation must be dealt with firmly, in the interests of both workers and fair competition in Europe. They therefore undertook to take a lead in combating these abuses within the EU.

In a joint declaration, they agreed to rapidly implement the future EU enforcement directive in this area. This will enable them to deal more effectively with fraud affecting cross-border temporary workers. They will be able to hold companies over the border liable and fine them. They also intend to intensify their pursuit of employers who abuse EU regulations in order to evade paying social security contributions. In order to combat fraud in the road transport industry, the Benelux partners agreed to conclude a Benelux treaty for closer cooperation between their inspectorates. They will share their experiences in these areas.