Work experience holiday: getting to know Dutch culture and society

Based on agreements  between The Netherlands and Canada, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, young people between 18 en 30 from those countries can get to know Dutch society and culture through paid working holidays.

Work experience holiday for young people from Canada, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand

The Working Holiday Program (WHP) applies to young people from Canada, and the Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) applies to young people from South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Participants do not have to be students, the programs are open to any citizen between 18 and 30 of these countries. They may participate either through an invitation from an exchange organisation or individually. In order to earn living expenses they are allowed to seek paid employment for which they are not required to have a valid work permit. The WHP and WHS apply to the Netherlands only.
Young people who want to qualify for the WHP and WHS have to fulfil certain requirements. They must:  

  • be between 18 and 30;
  • not bear responsibility for dependant family members;;
  • either have a return ticket to their country of residence or have sufficient financial means to buy a return ticket;
  • prove to have adequate health insurance, including insurance for care in a sanatorium or psychiatric facility.

Read more about how you can apply for the WHP or WHS on the site of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service IND.