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Report on the Regional Implementation Strategy (RIS) of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA) in The Netherlands

This report contains two parts. Part I describes the national ageing situation with demographic, economic and social indicators; ...

Report | 01-10-2016

What transitional arrangements apply to people receiving long-term care under the AWBZ?

Please see for information about transitional arrangements a people who used to get care under the Exceptional ...

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How is a place in a care or nursing home financed?

Care institutions receive money from the government, but you do have to pay towards the costs of your care.

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How soon must a room in a care or nursing home be vacated after the resident’s death?

Relatives can make arrangements with the home about when the room has to be cleared.

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How can I get a place in a care home or nursing home nearby?

Your regional care administration office can help you find a place in a nursing home or care home nearby.

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Where can I live if I need care?

Even if you need care, you can often continue to live at home. There are several options. Which one you choose depends on your ...

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Am I covered by the Chronic Care Act (WLZ)?

If you live and work in the Netherlands you will always be insured for the costs of long-term care. You are also obliged to take ...

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I have a WLZ care needs assessment. Do I have to pay towards the costs of my care?

The Central Administrative Office (CAK) will calculate how much you have to pay towards the costs of your care. Please see ...

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I have a WLZ care needs assessment for residential care. Can I be cared for at home instead?

Please see for more information about Wlz care at home

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What care can I get under the Chronic Care Act (WLZ)?

A care needs assessment for long-term care entitles you to an appropriate place in a residential care setting. You may also ...

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