Tackling overweight and obesity

The government aims to reduce overweight and obesity. Reducing obesity is one of the three themes within the National Prevention Programme, together with smoking and alcohol abuse. These particular themes have been chosen as they all have an extremely negative impact on one’s health and cause illness. The National Prevention Programme is supposed to be starting in the end of 2018.

Focus on prevention of overweight

The policy on overweight and obesity focuses on the prevention of overweight by stimulating a healthy environment, healthy lifestyle and on the support of children and families where obesity already plays an important role.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) finances integrated programmes to support authorities and organizations to work together on a local level to reduce overweight and obesity. This integrated approach seems successful: already more than 18 municipalities managed to reduce childhood obesity. 


  • JOGG (in Dutch), a programme for municipalities to reduce overweight and obesity by children and to create a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle;
  • Healthy School, a programme for schools to work on a health through an integrated, policy-based plan, on nutrition, physical activity and other health-related themes;
  • Healthy Day-care, a programme based on the Healthy School programme, but specifically for professionals in day-care centres for children of 0-4 years old;
  • Care for Obesity, a programme for municipalities and healthcare professionals to work on excellent cooperation between professionals and different domains in the care of childhood obesity.

Institutes on nutrition and physical activity