'Results of NATO summit a milestone,' says foreign minister Rosenthal

The NATO summit in Lisbon has yielded significant results. Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal considers the new NATO strategy to be 'of vital importance to the Western world and a new compass for the alliance.'

To prevent any threat from Iran, for instance, NATO is to create a joint missile shield, in which it would also appreciate participation by Russia.

The NATO countries also agreed to join forces in the fight against terrorism, piracy and cyber attacks (social disruption via the internet).

Afghanistan also a key player at the summit

Prime minister Mark Rutte, defence minister Hans Hillen and Mr Rosenthal also spoke with Afghan president Hamid Karzai. 'President Karzai asked us to convey to the Dutch people the gratitude felt by Afghanis for all that the Netherlands had done for their country,' said Mr Rosenthal.

Mr Karzai hopes that the Netherlands will remain active in Afghanistan. Mr Rosenthal told the Afghan president that the Netherlands is currently exploring the possibility of training Afghan police officers. Mr Rosenthal wants to ensure that earlier Dutch efforts in Afghanistan are not wasted.