Deregistering from the municipality in the event of a long stay outside the Netherlands

Are you going to live outside the Netherlands for at least 8 months in 1 year? If so, you must deregister from the Basisregistratie Personen – BRP (Personal Records Database). The BRP contains your personal data, such as your name, gender and date of birth. You can deregister from the BRP through the municipality where you live.

Last updated on 12 October 2022

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Rules for deregistering from the municipality

Deregistration from your municipality is subject to certain rules:

  • You cannot deregister until 5 days before your departure. This includes weekends and public holidays. 

  • You can deregister in writing or in person at the municipality service desk. This depends on your situation. In some municipalities, you can deregister online. Ask your municipality whether this is possible. 

  • Are not all your family members, such as your partner and children, moving with you? In that case, at many municipalitys you must always deregister in person. Deregistering by post or online is then not possible.

  • You can also deregister if the 8 months in which you intend to live outside the Netherlands are not consecutive.

Requesting proof of deregistration from the BRP

It may be important for you to have proof of deregistration, for example because you need to demonstrate to an organisation that you have been deregistered. Request proof of deregistration from the BRP via your municipality. Do this when you have yourself deregistered. Proof of deregistration demonstrates that you have been deregistered from the Netherlands. This proof specifies your personal details and the date of your deregistration. 

Have you already been deregistered from your municipality? If so, you can no longer request proof of deregistration via the municipality where you lived. In such a case, you can request an international excerpt from the BRP. This is a document containing your details if you are not registered in the Netherlands. You can request this excerpt from one of the 19 Dutch municipalities with an RNI service desk. An international extract from the BRP is also referred to as an extract from the Registratie Niet-Ingezetenen – RNI (Non-residents Records Database).

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Wet basisregistratie personen, artikel 2.43

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