Nationwide Agreements to Curb Aggression against Public Servants

Effective from 1 April 2010 the police and the Public Prosecution Service will adopt a unified approach in combating aggression and violence against public officers. Minister of the Interior and Kingdoms Relations and Justice Hirsch Ballin has written this in a letter to the Lower House.

According to the Minister, public servants, such as care workers, supervisors and service providers, should be offered extra protection against aggression and violence. After all, they do their work for all citizens.

The purpose of the nationwide agreements is to see to it that this form of aggression and violence is dealt with efficiently, effectively and quickly. The agreements entail, among other things, that the police and the Public Prosecution Service will give high priority to the investigation and prosecution of suspects of aggressive and violent offences against public servants. A policy of imposing on-the-spot penalties will be applied as much as possible.

In cases of serious forms of aggression and violence the police will, for instance, first contact the Public Prosecution Service, before the suspect is released. In such cases the Public Prosecution Service will in principle institute proceedings. Employers will also have the possibility of reporting acts of violence against their employees. The Public Prosecution Service will assist the victim in exercising his rights, including the recovery of damages from the offender. The Public Prosecution Service pursues an active communication policy in these cases.