Nico Laagland programme director of the Organised Crime Taskforce

The Organised Crime Taskforce in Noord-Brabant has appointed Nico Laagland as programme director. In the next two years, Laagland will develop a new, structural approach to organised crime. He will manage the programme organisation in that context.

In December 2010, Minister of Security and Justice Opstelten, together with the mayors of the five largest municipalities in Brabant, instituted a taskforce in response to the situation concerning drug-related organised crime in Brabant. This Taskforce will coordinate all administrative and judicial measures required to reduce organised crime in Brabant. Criminal gangs responsible for growing and trading in marijuana must be broken up, the underlying criminal structures must be dismantled and criminal assets must be seized. The work of the Taskforce has since led to the arrest of five persons and 25 kilos of cannabis have been seized.

Nico Laagland is currently director of the Social Security Information and Investigation Service (SIOD) of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. This special investigative service of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has been built up under his supervision since 2002. Laagland has broad experience in the field of combating crime and was previously a member of the police force management team of the Haaglanden police force.

As of 1 February 2011, he will start, via the Senior Civil Service (ABD), as programme director of the Organised Crime Taskforce.