New Gun for Dutch Police

Following an extensive tendering procedure Minister of Security and Justice Opstelten has announced the intended contract award for the new gun of the Dutch police.

The new police gun, the SIG SAUER PPNL (Police Pistol Netherlands), will be produced by SIG SAUER manufacturers. The new gun will produced specifically for the Dutch police and will replace the currently used guns, the Walter P5 and Glock 17. As part of the replacement process, police officers will have to be retrained to comply with the Violence Control (Police) Regulations.

The replacement of the currently used guns and the associated retraining will be effected in the years to come. It is expected that the last guns will be replaced by the end of 2013.

Special police units and key instructors, who will be engaged in further retraining, will be prioritised during the introduction of the new gun who will be deployed in the further retraining. The Dutch Police Collaboration Facility (vtsPN) has taken measures to secure the use of the existing guns until the end of 2013.

The instruction for the tendering procedure was issued by the Minister to the Council of Police Force Managers and was prepared in the NPNP steering group with the participation of the vtsPN and the Ministry of Security and Justice. The European tendering procedure took place on the basis of the functional requirements that were established in March 2009.

At the request of Minister Opstelten two investigations have been carried out into the course of the tendering procedure for the new police gun in connection with on-going criminal investigations by the National Department of Criminal Investigation into possible bribery related to the pepper spray tender in 2002. The two investigations, conducted independently by the National Department of Criminal Investigation and the Government Audit Department, have not revealed any irregularities during the entire tendering procedure for the gun.