Coordinators of the national police force management team have been appointed

Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice has appointed Ms J.A. (Jannine) van den Berg, Mr R.C.G. (Ruud) Bik and Mr L. Th. C. ( Leon) Kuijs as coordinators of the national police force management team. Under the leadership of Mr G.L. Bouman, National Police Force Coordinator, they will make preparations for the new national police force so that the new national police force can commence operations when Parliament approves the Police Act.

Ms Van den Berg and Mr Bik will both start work as operational coordinators. In view of the size of the operational police network, Minister Opstelten has decided to appoint two intended directors of operations. Mr Bik will moreover hold the position of the deputy coordinator of the national police force. Mr Kuijs will be appointed as management coordinator. The three coordinators together with Mr Bouman are also the intended members of the future national police force management team.

Ms Van den Berg (1964) is currently chief constable of the Kennemerland police region. She was previously director of investigations and information with the Haaglanden police region. After her training at the Dutch Police Academy, Ms Van den Berg started her career with the Utrecht police. Mr Bik (1953) also started his career with the Utrecht police. He was appointed Chief Constable of the Zuid-Holland-Zuid police region in 2001. He has been Chief of Police of the National Police Services Agency since 2007. Mr Kuijs (1956) is currently chairman of the Board of Chief Constables. He was Chief Constable of the Brabant Zuid-Oost police region from 2002 to 2011. Kuijs started his career with the National Police Force.

Minister Opstelten has also decided that the chief information officer of the Dutch police, Mr A.J. (Aad) Meijboom, will be added to the national police force management team as soon as the national police force commences operations. The chief information officer is responsible for a sound information strategy and the realisation of unity in the information systems used by the police. Mr Meijboom (1951) has held this position since 1 October 2010. He previously held the position of the Chief Constable of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond and Twente police regions among other positions.

The appointment of the coordinators came about after advice from the chairmen of the Board of Regional Police Force Managers and the Board of Procurators General.