Minister Has Appointed Coordinators of Regional and National Units of the National Police

Minister Opstelten of Ministry of Security and Justice has appointed the coordinators of the regional units and the national unit of the national police. Under the leadership of Mr G. L. Bouman, National Police Force Coordinator, they will make preparations for the new national police force so that the national police can commence operations when Parliament approves the new Dutch Police Act.

The 11 coordinators will commence their activities on 1 August 2011. The Minister has appointed the coordinators following recommendations from the regional mayors and chief public prosecutors concerned. Subject to a positive assessment, the coordinators will be recommended for the positions of Chief Constable of the regional units or Unit Head of the national unit. The coordinators are:

 Regional Unit

(provisional working names)

 Noord-Nederland (Groningen, Fryslân, Drenthe)  Mr O.R. (Oscar) Dros (48) Current position: Chief Constable of Groningen

Oost-Nederland (IJsselland, Twente, Noord-Gelderland and Oost-Gelderland, Gelderland-Midden, Gelderland-Zuid)

Mr C.J. (Stoffel) Heijsman (58) Current position: Chief Constable of Utrecht
Noord-West-Nederland (Kennemerland, Noord-Holland Noord, Zaanstreek-Waterland) Ms mr. E.G.M. (Liesbeth) Huyzer (50) Current position: Member of the Amsterdam-Amstelland police force management
Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Amstelland) Mr P.J. (Pieter-Jaap) Aalbersberg (52) Current position: Chief Constable of IJsselland

Flevoland-Utrecht (Midden-Nederland) (Utrecht, Gooi & Vechtstreek, Flevoland) 

Ms M.H.C. (Miriam) Barendse (47) Current position: Chief Constable of Brabant Noord

Haaglanden (Haaglanden, Hollands Midden)

Mr mr. H.P. (Henk) van Essen (50) Current position: Chief Constable of Haaglanden
Rotterdam Rijnmond (Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Zuid-Holland Zuid)

Mr drs. F. (Frank) Paauw (52) Current position: Chief Constable of Rotterdam-Rijnmond

Oost-Brabant (Brabant Zuid-Oost, Brabant-Noord)

Mr F.J. (Frans) Heeres (53) Current position: Chief Constable of Midden Brabant and West Brabant

Limburg (Limburg-Zuid, Limburg-Noord)

Mr drs. G.J. (Gerry) Veldhuis (52) Current position: Chief Constable of Limburg Zuid

Zeeland-West-Brabant (Midden- and West-Brabant, Zeeland)

Mr J.A.J.T. (Hans) Vissers (57) Current position: Deputy Chief Constable of Rotterdam-Rijnmon

National Unit

Ms P.M. (Patricia) Zorko (46) Current position: Deputy Chief Constable of the National Police Services Agency (KLPD)

During the preparations of the new national police force, the daily police work will continue as usual. Those coordinators who are currently Chief Constable of a police region that falls within their new regional unit will continue to perform the duties of Chief Constable. Chief Constables who will commence their duties in a different regional unit will be replaced as Chief Constable by their deputies. As coordinator, they will perform their duties under the responsibility of Minister Opstelten; as a Chief Constable they will continue to perform their daily activities under the responsibility of the police force managers.