Appointment of Director of the Dutch Police co-operation facility (vtsPN)

Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice has appointed mr. drs. A. (André) Regtop as Director of the Dutch Police co-operation facility (vtsPN) as of 1 August 2011.

The vtsPN is responsible for the IT and central procurement for the Dutch police. On 1 May, Minister Opstelten took over the administrative responsibility for the vtsPN from the police force managers. The most important task of the new vtsPN Director will be to guarantee continuity in the information systems of the police. In order to be able to guarantee this continuity on the long term, the IT infrastructure and organisation must be modernised. Another important task is to bring the internal business procedures in order. The vtsPN Director will furthermore be charged with the task to prepare the vtsPN for the transfer to the national police.

Mr Regtop (1955) is currently Chief Director of the Central Fine Collection Agency (CJIB). Mr Regtop attended various courses at Groningen University, including a study of law. He began his career as a sergeant with the National Police Force. His subsequent positions included Head Management Support and Information Provision for the Health and Safety Inspectorate. In 1999, he switched to the Central Fine Collection Agency where he was appointed Chief Director in 2008.