Increase of fine amounts

The approach to antisocial offences and above-average speeding offences will be tightened, while speeders in residential areas will also face higher fines. Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice has written this today to the Lower House, also on behalf of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment. The general increase of fine amounts as of 1 January will remain limited to 15% rather than the 20% as intended by the previous Cabinet.

The Van der Staaij motion, which requests the government not to elect a general percentage increase within the available budget for all traffic fines; but rather to opt for targeted fine increases, in particular for major traffic offences, including speeding offences in residential areas, antisocial behaviour in traffic and recidivism.

Currently, no distinction is made between 30 km per hour roads and other roads when fines are issued for speeding offences in built-up areas. This will no longer be the case as of next year: the fines will be increased additionally for speeding offences on roads where a maximum speed of 30 km per hour applies, which means that these will become higher than those issued for speeding offences on other roads. A fine for exceeding the speed limit by 10 kph within a 30 kph zone, for example, will not be €54 but €93.

Next year, the fine amount for antisocial offences will increase by approximately €140 per offence. When selecting these offences, particular consideration was given to offences that involve intent, such as driving a car while the driver's licence has been revoked for failing to pay a traffic fine and failing to give way to pedestrians at pedestrian crossings. In addition, several offences that undermine the competent authorities in public spaces, such as ignoring police stop signs, have also been designated.

As usual, the fine amounts will also be adjusted to the consumer price index. The list of all offences and related new amounts will become part of an amendment decision that will be available this autumn. The increase in the fine amounts that are settled under criminal law will be effected by means of an adjustment of the Public Prosecution Guidelines.