The quality of education at the Police Academy scores a sufficient mark

The quality of education at the Police Academy is of sufficient quality. Significant improvement still needs to be achieved in several areas, however. The Police Academy has to present a plan for improving police education before 1 September. All improvements have to be realised towards the end of 2013. This is written by Minister Opstelten to the Lower House pursuant to the report of the Inspectorate Safety and Justice entitled 'The State of Dutch police education 2011'.

The final conclusion of the Inspectorate for Safety and Justice is that the quality of initial senior secondary vocational education (MBO) training (levels 2, 3 and 4) and post-initial training is of sufficient quality. The quality of police education is not yet in order in some respects, however, and there is no prospect of improvement within a reasonable term. The Inspectorate observes that the Police Academy has made progress in recent years. There have been quality improvements in the field of recruitment, selection and the provision of information. Students have sufficient facilities at their disposal during the educational periods, which facilities are generally of good quality. The teachers of the academy generally have sufficient didactic and job-related competencies. The Inspectorate is also positive about the supervision of the students during their time at the institution. The fact remains, however, that students devote on average significantly less time to their studies than they should despite previously implemented measures. The Inspectorate notes in this connection that the duration of initial training that commenced in 2012 has been reduced significantly. The Inspectorate observes that several persistent problems have not been handled. For example, the supervision of students during practical parts of post-initial training is not yet in order.

In response to the findings, the Police Academy has indicated that it accepts the conclusions. The improvements are being implemented expeditiously in cooperation with the police forces and the national police coordinator. These measures are intended to make it clear how and when the points for improvement will be tackled and resolved. All improvements must be realised at the end of 2013. Minister Opstelten will monitor the progress of the measures. The main points for improvement arising from the Inspectorate's report concern embedding the various educational processes and increasing educational performance as well as steering on the basis of the implementation of innovations in educational practice.

The Inspectorate Safety and Justice publishes "The State of Dutch police education" once every four years. The aim is to offer insight into and an opinion on the quality of and developments within police education.