Minister Opstelten appoints police chiefs

Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice has proposed the nomination of the new police chiefs of the regional units and the national unit of the national police. The Minister nominated the police chiefs after receiving recommendations regarding the candidates from the relevant regional mayors, the chief public prosecutors and the participation councils, through their members. The appointments will take effect on 1 January 2013.

The police chiefs are: 

North Netherlands
(Groningen, Fryslân, Drenthe)
Mr O.R. (Oscar) Dros (49)

East Netherlands
(IJsselland, Twente, North and East Gelderland, Central Gelderland, South Gelderland)
Mr C.J. (Stoffel) Heijsman (59)

North Holland
(Kennemerland, North Holland North, Zaanstreek-Waterland)
Ms E.G.M. (Liesbeth) Huyzer LL.M.(51)

Mr P.J.A. (Pieter-Jaap) Aalbersberg (53)

Central Netherlands
(Utrecht, Gooi and Vechtstreek, Flevoland)
Ms drs. M.H.C. (Miriam) Barendse (48)

The Hague
(Haaglanden, Hollands Midden)
Mr H.P. (Henk) van Essen LL.M. (51)

(Rotterdam-Rijnmond, South Holland South)
Mr drs. F. (Frank) Paauw (54)

East Brabant
(Brabant South East, Brabant North)
Mr F.J. (Frans) Heeres (54)

(Limburg South, Limburg North)
Mr drs. G.J. (Gery) Veldhuis (53)

Zeeland-West Brabant
(Central and West Brabant, Zeeland)
Mr J.A.J.T. (Hans) Vissers (58)

National unit
Ms P.M. (Patricia) Zorko (48)